Arch Linux EC2 AMI builder image
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* Transfer ISO file to target medium (configs/releng)
* To -> CD / DVD / BD
* To -> USB-key / SD / HDD / SSD
* PC-EFI (GPT) [x86_64 only]
* PC-EFI (ISOHYBRID-GPT) [x86_64 only]

*** Transfer ISO image to target medium (configs/releng)

ISO images names consist of: archlinux-<YYYY>.<MM>.<DD>-x86_64.iso

<YYYY> Year
<MM> Month
<DD> Day

** To -> CD / DVD / BD

Note: All ISO images are booteable on a PC-BIOS via "El Torito" in no-emulation mode,
All x86_64 ISO images are booteable on a PC-EFI via "El Torito" in no-emulation mode.

<B> scsibus number
<T> target number
<L> lun number
(Note: see cdrecord -scanbus, for these numbers)

1) Write it directly using your favorite recording program.
# cdrecord dev=<B>,<T>,<L> -dao archlinux-<YYYY>.<MM>.<DD>-x86_64.iso

** To -> USB Flash Drive (USB-key) / Memory card (SD) /
Hard-Disk Drive (HDD) / Solid-State Drive (SSD)

Note: The