FFmpeg multimedia processing libraries and tools
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Michael Niedermayer 069f7831a2 avfilter/vf_owdenoise: relicense my code 3 days ago
api Replace all occurences of av_mallocz_array() by av_calloc() 1 month ago
checkasm checkasm/hevc_pel: Fix stack buffer overreads 4 weeks ago
dnn tests/dnn/dnn-layer-mathunary-test: add unit test for exp 7 months ago
fate fate/cover-art: Add test for muxing cover arts to FLAC 3 weeks ago
filtergraphs fate: add yuv420p10 and yuv422p10 tests for overlay filter 1 year ago
ref avformat/argo_asf: pass name through as metadata 2 weeks ago
.gitignore Merge commit '257f00ec1ab06a2a161f535036c6512f3fc8e801' 5 years ago
Makefile fate/demux: Move Sony OpenMG audio (oma) test into a new file 4 weeks ago
audiogen.c tests/audiogen: raise channel count limit to 12 3 years ago
audiomatch.c tests/audiomatch: add free to make static analysis tools happy 11 months ago
base64.c Merge remote-tracking branch 'qatar/master' 10 years ago
copycooker.sh Make sure we dont double test files and sort the list. 12 years ago
extended.ffconcat lavf/concat: deprecate file_packet_metadata 1 month ago
fate-run.sh tests/fate-run: Use DEC_OPTS for additional input, too 3 weeks ago
fate-valgrind.supp Add a --valgrind configure option. 10 years ago
fate.sh libavresample: Remove deprecated library 6 months ago
md5.sh Merge commit '3dc06b6972cf389269e9c36ff0a4373f80f7149b' 9 years ago
refcmp-metadata.awk fate: add tests for psnr and ssim filter 4 years ago
reference.pnm Replace lena.pnm 7 years ago
rotozoom.c Merge remote-tracking branch 'qatar/master' 10 years ago
simple1.ffconcat lavf/concat: deprecate file_packet_metadata 1 month ago
simple2.ffconcat tests/concat-demuxer: add stream_meta test 1 month ago
test.ffmeta fate/ffprobe: add some stream metadata. 9 years ago
tiny_psnr.c Merge commit '7a00653be6b13131ce1b2cdeca696429f57caaf8' 6 years ago
tiny_ssim.c tests/tiny_ssim: replace #define by typedef 6 years ago
utils.c tests/utils: Remove unneeded L suffix 7 years ago
videogen.c tests: allow passing dimensions to videogen 8 years ago