FFmpeg multimedia processing libraries and tools
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Michael Niedermayer 069f7831a2 avfilter/vf_owdenoise: relicense my code 3 days ago
aix all: Make header guard names consistent 6 years ago
atomics atomics: Fix the win32 atomic_exchange function 7 months ago
cuda compat/cuda: add __expf() implementation 2 months ago
dispatch_semaphore Merge commit '6bb99757b780144d9fa27cdce09d3621e1a0ed43' 6 years ago
djgpp additional math.h functions for djgpp 3 years ago
float Merge remote-tracking branch 'qatar/master' 8 years ago
msvcrt fix broken links to msdn documentation 6 months ago
solaris compat/solaris/make_sunver.pl: Use /usr/bin/env perl instead of /usr/bin/perl 6 years ago
windows compat/windows/makedef: Allow building shared libs with MSVC under WSL 3 years ago
getopt.c Merge commit 'f929ab0569ff31ed5a59b0b0adb7ce09df3fca39' 7 years ago
os2threads.h compat/os2threads: define INCL_DOSERRORS 2 years ago
strtod.c compat/strtod: Add missing const qualifiers. 5 years ago
va_copy.h all: Add missing header guards 6 years ago
w32dlfcn.h Replace all occurences of av_mallocz_array() by av_calloc() 1 month ago
w32pthreads.h avformat/udp: support w32pthreads compat 2 years ago