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Code contributions are welcome! Please commit any pull requests against the `master` branch.
# How to Contribute
Contributions of all kinds are welcome!
Please visit our [Community Forums]( for general community discussion and the development roadmap.
Here is how you can get involved:
* **Request a new feature:** Go to the [Feature Requests category]( of the Community Forums. Please search existing feature requests before making a new one
* **Write code for a new feature:** Make a new post in the [Github Contributions category]( of the Community Forums. Include a description of your proposed contribution, screeshots, and links to any relevant feature requests. This helps get feedback from the community and Bitwarden team members before you start writing code
* **Report a bug or submit a bugfix:** Use Github issues and pull requests
* **Write documentation:** Submit a pull request to the [Bitwarden help repository](
* **Help other users:** Go to the [User-to-User Support category]( on the Community Forums
* **Translate:** See the localization (i10n) section below
## Contributor Agreement
Please sign the [Contributor Agreement]( if you intend on contributing to any Github repository. Pull requests cannot be accepted and merged unless the author has signed the Contributor Agreement.
## Pull Request Guidelines
* use `npm run lint` and fix any linting suggestions before submitting a pull request
* commit any pull requests against the `master` branch
* include a link to your Community Forums post
# Localization (l10n)