3 Commits (main)

Author SHA1 Message Date
Ozkan Sezer 69203851dc rename PKG_CONFIG_LIBS_PRIV to PKGCONFIG_LIBS_PRIV 6 months ago
James Le Cuirot 99f87a7158 build: Merge pkg-config Libs.private into Libs for static-only builds 1 year ago
Philipp Wiesemann 0e45984fa0 Fixed crash if initialization of EGL failed but was tried again later. 6 years ago
Alex Szpakowski fe6c797cad Fixed an iOS view orientation issue when SDL_GL_CreateContext or SDL_CreateRenderer is called. 7 years ago
Edward Rudd b88ca1b4a6 the last parameter of XChangeProperty is the number of elements.. and when the element format is 32.. the element is "long" so we have 5 long elements here. 7 years ago
Philipp Wiesemann b48e54aafe Fixed bug 2802 - [patch] Fix android build compiling in wrong filesystem implementation 7 years ago
David Ludwig 70438be272 WinRT: fixed bug whereby SDL would override an app's default orientation 7 years ago
Philipp Wiesemann 9c398852e6 Corrected header file documentation comment. 7 years ago
Pierre-Loup A. Griffais 24c86b5501 [X11] Reconcile logical keyboard state with physical state on FocusIn 7 years ago
Ryan C. Gordon b72938c861 Windows: Always set the system timer resolution to 1ms by default. 7 years ago
Gabriel Jacobo f848adff5f Improve Android pause/resume behavior. 8 years ago
Sam Lantinga 3d1c3b19c3 Revert fix for bug 1392 because it breaks linking with mingw32 8 years ago
Sam Lantinga 8fc4fdf10b Fixed bug 1392 - Debian patch: do not propagate -lpthread 8 years ago
Sam Lantinga 1ad936eb29 Fixed bug 2027 - Full-screen appears to be broken - hang in SDL_DestroyWindow() 8 years ago
Gabriel Jacobo dad420670f Fixes #2022, do not resume on Android when surfaceChanged 8 years ago
David Ludwig 3dcb451f85 Added a README file regarding WinRT support 8 years ago