12007 Commits (e69808987ee775c4ee4ec83614b3a07a1b1a19a7)

Author SHA1 Message Date
nhmall e69808987e support for build with current Lua version 5.4.3 6 months ago
PatR 9e59977c79 fix pull request #521 - valk+warrior alignment 6 months ago
PatR ffddb3ecf9 append_str(pager.c) again 6 months ago
PatR 6fb8434ec9 Tribute: Feet of Clay 6 months ago
nhmall 174cd59616 potential buffer overflow in append_str 6 months ago
PatR 53888a713c add ^ and " choices to / command 6 months ago
PatR 494b374e12 whatis / quick-whatis for '^' 6 months ago
PatR 0fda8504bb sp_lev.c reformatting 6 months ago
PatR 72866e2252 special level loading error 6 months ago
PatR 7f2620b98c fix pull request #523 - lighting on baalz level 6 months ago
PatR 825314c040 tribute update: Maskerade 6 months ago
Pasi Kallinen a71482af71 Check genocided zombies before raising the zombified corpse 6 months ago
PatR 0cdb91aa50 Unix 'make update' 6 months ago
Pasi Kallinen 8d2407f1f2 Monsters can gain resistances by eating corpses 6 months ago
Pasi Kallinen 20cbadcf85 Unlock your quest by killing your quest leader 6 months ago
copperwater 882efdcf58 Pets are more careful about attacking monsters at low health 3 years ago
Pasi Kallinen 6b60618e0e Exploding spheres cause real explosions 6 months ago
Pasi Kallinen 7f8cfb43d2 More hallu colors 6 months ago
Pasi Kallinen 29868036f1 Lua: nhcore script with function callbacks 6 months ago
PatR 0e9bf2e03c config error reporting 6 months ago
PatR 164417f01f fix github issue #514 - 'O' segfault 6 months ago
PatR d6cafdc527 fix github issue #515 - grappling hook internals 6 months ago
Pasi Kallinen 5ad45fc696 Make anti-magic fields drain more energy 6 months ago
Pasi Kallinen a1b765936f Boost HP of some golems 6 months ago
PatR 2c92049821 tribute: Interesting Times 6 months ago
Pasi Kallinen 2f25556025 Conflict based off of charisma 6 months ago
PatR 11e98efb94 fix pull request #513 - applying books 6 months ago
PatR 09ec492dd8 fix github issue #511 - no death message when 6 months ago
PatR f88508cd25 fix github issue #512 - fuzzer vs #exploremode 6 months ago
Pasi Kallinen 16105ad0d5 Change touch of death from instadeath to maxhp reduction and damage 6 months ago
Pasi Kallinen f057ef573c Knights get no metal armor penalty for clerical spells 6 months ago
Pasi Kallinen 2288452278 Monsters can see player resistances 6 months ago
PatR 2a10b3003d kill extremely long running games 6 months ago
PatR 716c50635f food prayer tweak 6 months ago
PatR bc856e9a55 tweaks to role-specific prediscovered objects 7 months ago
PatR e3d6fa038b fix #K586 - eucalyptus leaf falling on hero's head 7 months ago
PatR dae25564bc more object->dknown handling 7 months ago
PatR b630d5e038 fix issue #509 - shop 'glob' pricing segfault 7 months ago
PatR 25b1baed84 fix saddle sanity check code 7 months ago
nhmall 708a169917 three warnings building with gcc 10 7 months ago
nhmall 4c98a6f550 Merge branch 'NetHack-3.7' of https://rodney.nethack.org:20040/git/NHsource into NetHack-3.7 7 months ago
nhmall d87a910817 pipelines build attempt 2 7 months ago
PatR b4967c817a more tribute: Soul Music 7 months ago
nhmall 751cce7161 try simple fix for pipelines gcc-8 issue 7 months ago
Pasi Kallinen 1e1d580336 Allow webs to be placed without a giant spider on them 7 months ago
PatR 09b71fcc95 suppress monster health 7 months ago
Pasi Kallinen d2b331abf7 Accept "waiting" on special level des.monster() specifications 7 months ago
Pasi Kallinen 967c7e5b0b Fix compile error on Windows 7 months ago
PatR 646f247608 corpse eating feedback 7 months ago
PatR c866c9022b fix github issue #507 - filename buffer overflow 7 months ago